LegPower Tester

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Desenvolvedor: Mario Donatelli
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LegPower is an apps that measures the power generated on the legs while performing a jump. This is possible thanks to the iPhone accelerometer . It has been developed specifically for personal trainers or coaches of teams in order to evaluate the performance and status of training of its athletes (but also to individual practitioners of sports can use it to monitor there training). This test power can be applied to different sports. A close correlation was demonstrated between the power generated on the legs and the performance of other muscle groups not directly related to the locomotor system.
The power value is calculated by putting the iPhone into a pocket or belt case oriented upwards. Use caution so that during the execution of jumps, the iPhone dose not suffer damage, by for example bean thrown out of the pocket or case. The placement must be done in order to prevent that the iPhone during the jump doesnt suffer excessive shocks or vibrations that could make the app mistake the identification of the three main points of the jump. These main points are; the beginning of the thrust, the detachment from the ground, and the end of the flight with the resumption contact with the ground. If the jump will be hardly legible automatically, it will be possible to edit the graphics acceleration recorded and require the highlights.
The test should be performed only by healthy people
LegPower allows you to periodically assess the power generated on the legs, checking the effectiveness of training and athletic preparation..
Since the power on the legs in the act of jumping quite variable from one jump to the next, for a comparable value is recommended perform more tests and then use the average function of LegPower.

LegPower calculates and displays for each jump:

1 The duration of the push in second
2 The duration of the flight in second
3 The specific power (ratio between power and weight) in W / Kg
4 The total power in Watt
5 the elevation of the center of mass in cm.